Laura & Nadia

The Problem:

Our client needed a series of short films for an e-learning programme to help employees understand different types of customer and to guide conversations about their needs and wants in terms of financial planning and services.

The Solution:

The client came up with the idea of dramatised video diaries which we jumped on because it was apropos with lockdown. (This was filmed in 2020 during the COVID pandemic).

We wanted the actors to improvise a little around the script on the day, but there were key learning messages for the viewer that had to be acted out verbatim, so a good clear, natural-sounding script was vital. The trick would be to make the performances relaxed, natural and as ‘off the cuff’ as a home-made video diary.

In this story, Laura & Nadia are expecting their first baby. We cast a real-life couple (though neither were actually pregnant so we bought a fake bump!) Not only did this solve the social distancing difficulties, but it also brought a level of warmth, intimacy and a personal dynamic that helped bring the characters and the story to life.

Learn more about this shoot and how we safely worked in compliance with COVID restrictions in our blog post: Making it look easy isn’t as easy as it looks … (especially during a global pandemic).