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  • 14 Tips to Put People at Ease on Camera

    14 Tips to Put People at Ease on Camera

    At Zing, we make films for businesses. This means we often film real people (management, employees, customers, etc) talking about their experiences.

    Some are naturals in front of a camera. Others can find it difficult.

    To help overcome this, we’ve pulled together 14 top tips to help put people at ease on camera.

  • The Power of Video (Thriving's Mark Mulligan talks about working with Zing)

    We know it’s crucial to ensure teams feel connected and supported, and to help manage stress and anxiety.

    But how is your business managing its health & wellbeing programme with a WFH or hybrid workforce?

    In this video, Mark Mulligan, Executive Coach and Founder of Thriving, tells us how he has tapped into the power of video to communicate his ideas and tips on this very topic.