The Power of Video (Thriving's Mark Mulligan talks about working with Zing)

We know it’s crucial to ensure teams feel connected and supported, and to help manage stress and anxiety.

But how is your business managing its health & wellbeing programme with a WFH or hybrid workforce?

In this video, Mark Mulligan, Executive Coach and Founder of Thriving, tells us how he has tapped into the power of video to communicate his ideas and tips on this very topic.

Mark also shared these kind words about working with Zing:

“You know when you work with someone and they just get you … they get your vision for what you want to achieve … and then they take away 90% of the hassle of making it a reality.

Well, Sarah Beadsmoore is one of those rare people.

Along with her amazing team at Zing, she’s helped us at thriving to grow our audience exponentially and help thousands of people to thrive.

If you’re looking for someone to partner with in creating engaging video content, Sarah is your woman!”

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