The Power of Storytelling

The Power of Storytelling

At Zing, we know the power that a good story can have when it comes to making learning engaging and memorable.

Our friends and partners at Kineo - the award-winning global elearning solutions provider - are well versed in this superstrength too, and they have put together an insightful article on this very topic with examples of some of our collaborations.

“We all love a good story, whether we’re bingeing a TV series, watching a film or listening to music. We love to tell and hear stories – they are the golden threads running through our lives. But why are stories so effective in learning? Well, put simply, they help us make sense of the world, create context, build emotional connections and simplify how we communicate complex topics.”

The article describes the importance of research, planning and goal setting, and outlines five creative storytelling approaches to engage audiences and deliver more memorable learning.

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