Zing Award News

Zing Award News

In 2023, we worked on a campaign in partnership with Kineo and SafetyOn, the health and safety organisation for the onshore wind sector.

Well, we are delighted to share the news that the campaign has won, not one, but TWO awards: ‘Campaign of the Year’ at the IOSH Scotland Awards and the ‘Positive Improvement Award’ at the Scottish Green Energy Awards.

At the heart of the campaign is a documentary-style film about a life-changing hand injury that brings a true story to life.

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In the film, we meet Charles (aka ‘Chaz’) - an experienced wind turbine mechanic - who describes how, in a split second, he sustained a life-changing injury to his hand at work.

In his own words, we hear a genuine account of the profound consequences of a safety incident that happened in an instant. Learning how this has affected not only his work, but his personal life too, and continues to cause him pain, gives the viewer cause to reflect.

People often think accidents happen to those who act carelessly, but Chaz is a sensible and careful guy that everyone can relate to. His story helps show that the risks are real for regular people. Telling stories is one of the most powerful tools you can use to influence, teach and inspire others, so the film about Chaz is far more compelling than pages filled with facts and figures could ever be.

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About SafetyOn

SafetyOn is the health and safety organisation for the onshore wind sector.

Providing leadership in health and safety for the dynamic and innovative onshore wind industry, it ensures transparency about the industry’s H&S performance, as well as assisting industry stakeholders to see that key emerging risks are mitigated through cooperation and shared learning.

Working through the Energy Institute, SafetyOn has established an open network of safety and health experts, professionals and stakeholders to promote a strong, sustainable and continually improving health and safety culture. Thousands are employed in the UK’s onshore wind industry, and SafetyOn is playing a part in making sure they go home safe.

“We wanted to raise awareness of hand injuries and mitigate these incidents in the workplace. We’re thrilled the SafetyOn hand injury video campaign has been awarded these two awards and been recognised for its positive impact in the industry.” Emma McIvor, SafetyOn

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