SafetyOn Hand Injury (Energy Institute)

The Problem:

Our partners at Kineo were working with SafetyOn, the health and safety group for the onshore wind industry, on a learning programme about hand safety. Data reveals that hands are the most frequently injured body parts, but we tend to think of hand injuries as fairly trivial. Also, people can sometimes have dismissive attitudes towards H&S training. So, they needed a way of delivering the message to ensure it really lands.

The Solution:

We created a documentary that tells the real-life story of Charles (aka Chaz), a wind-turbine mechanic who – in a split second – sustained a life-changing hand injury. He describes how the accident happened (complete with grizzly photos: consider yourself warned) as well as the ongoing pain and the long-term effects of the injury. Even the simplest everyday tasks, like tying his shoelaces were impacted and required relearning.

People think that accidents happen to ‘other people’ who behave recklessly or stupidly. But Chaz is clearly a sensible, intelligent, diligent guy that the audience will relate to, so his story really brings to life the reality of the risks.

Whatever your message, films of real people telling real stories are a powerful communication tool that can be easily incorporated into wider learning and development programmes.

Thanks to Chaz for sharing his cautionary tale to warn others about the reality of the dangers.