Benjamin & Essi

The Problem:

Our client needed a series of short films for an e-learning programme to help employees understand different types of customer and to guide conversations about their needs and wants in terms of financial planning and services. The films offer a glimpse into the home life of a variety of diverse families and characters, and the challenges they face. The filming challenge was heightened by COVID-19 restrictions.

The Solution:

This short film introduces us to Benjamin and Essi. Benjamin works long hours as a doctor in a hospital so manages his life online on his phone. His auntie Essi, on the other hand, struggles with computers, but tries her best to learn so she’s not too much of a burden to Benjamin.

This was shot during the coronavirus pandemic. Filming is permitted, even during full lockdown, provided strict safety protocols are adhered to. Auditions took place via Zoom and the actors were part of a real-life support bubble. We took the creative decision to film this as a self-shoot partly to give it a lockdown look, which suited the narrative, but also to keep the number of crew to a minimum. In fact, there was just one representative from the Zing team – a director, who was able to guide performances and help with light and sound considerations.

Learn more about this shoot and how we safely worked around COVID-19 restrictions in our blog post: Making it look easy isn’t as easy as it looks … (especially during a global pandemic).